Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad

Washington, DC -September 5, 2019

American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA) launches Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For!
Campaign to support residency-based taxation legislation.

ACA, a section 501(c)(4) tax-exempt, non-profit, nonpartisan, volunteer organization, and the premier thought-leader on issues affecting US Citizens living and working abroad with over 40 years of experience, announced the launch of the Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For! campaign. The campaign asks supporters to use ACA’s online appeal to tell Congress that it must hold hearings on the wide range of tax compliance issues for Americans overseas. ACA compares its modern day struggle for tax fairness with that of the founding fathers, who simply wanted what was fair and equitable for taxation of its citizens.

The write-in campaign uses an online appeal that guarantees delivery of messages into Congressional offices and the offices of the House Ways & Means Committee, the committee responsible for holding hearings on tax legislation. Individuals can even add their own messaging and comments.

ACA has long advocated for the adoption of residency-based taxation (RBT) and in 2016 developed a basic approach for RBT. In 2017, ACA’s sister organization, ACA Global Foundation (ACAGF), a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, funded revenue estimates for ACA’s approach to RBT. ACA’s work on the subject was instrumental in helping offices working on tax reform, notably Congressman George Holding (R-NC), who in December of 2018, introduced the “Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act (HR7358)-TFAA.

ACA sees holding hearings on the wide range and ever growing issues of tax compliancy facing US citizens overseas, as a critical next step in enactment of RBT.

“The Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For! campaign reflects what the founding fathers of America fought for, and won, the battle for tax fairness. Americans overseas want the same.” said Jonathan Lachowitz, ACA Chairman.

“All of us here at ACA are very excited about the campaign. The online petition guarantees that supporters’ messages get seen by their representatives’ offices and it will be instrumental in supporting the push for hearings. The petition platform will be used for future campaigns as well. The community needs ACA’s help in DC but ACA also needs the community – together we can win the fight for tax fairness just like the founding fathers,” added Marylouise Serrato, ACA Executive Director.