Art History Course in English

Art History with Alexandra Koch

Art History Course

English language Art History for the international adults of Munich. Groups
meet in Schwabing and in the museums to study works as directly as possible.
No previous experience necessary, just the desire stretch your cultural
understanding. Fun and good times will follow.
Classes meet one morning of the week Monday to Thursday between 10:30
and 12:30. There four different sections and you follow along with your class
day. If you can’t make a class you are free to come to another during the week.
There are currently sections from the Medieval world to Modern art.
There is a Night Class Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 pm for those coming
after work—- art with wine!
Cost—225 euros for ten classes with me, paid from time to time during the year
as the course progresses —plus museum entrance fees and the cost of the
textbook. It is not mandatory to read for the course but of course you will get a
deeper understanding if you do.
Address: Hohenzollernstr. 35 in Schwabing — 4th floor (no lift)
The course calendar includes optional trips away to cites around Europe and
the world. It is great way to share good times and with smart people.
For more info and questions, to choose your course and to register: Tel. 0151 23447611