November 2019 Meeting

Program Meeting - November 2019

Wednesday, November 20th  at 18:30

We are looking forward to hearing from Ursula Heinz, who will be speaking to give us a basic understanding of the evidence and the benefits of a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. Ursula grew up in Vienna and graduated from medical and dental school in Vienna. She has been practicing orthodontics, following a residency in San Diego, California. She has also spent the last eight years focusing on healthy nutrition, a healthy gut and a sustainable lifestyle. In the past decade, she and her family have lived in Louisiana and in Queensland, Australia, and they have just recently relocated to Munich. Being a physician, it was always my intention to help other people switch to a healthy lifestyle. A few years ago, I started the blog and, and have published the book "Stella's Whole Food Plant-Based Family Cookbook", which will be available next year in Germany through the GU Verlag. Last year Ursula successfully launched the company producing activated nuts and seeds. She also gives lifestyle change workshops in Munich (

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October 2019 Meeting

Program Meeting - October 2019

Wednesday, October 16th  at 18:30

Our speaker in October will be Ann Marie Ackermann - author of the true crime book 'Death of an Assassin'.  Ann Marie Ackermann is a former attorney with focuses on criminal and medical law. Eighteen years ago she moved to Bönnigheim, Germany, the town in which the assassination occurred, and is a member of its historical society. Ackermann’s intimate knowledge of the town and of the German language enabled her to bring the German and American sides of this story together. She has a number of academic publications in law, ornithology, and history.

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Art History Course in English

Art History with Alexandra Koch

Art History Course

English language Art History for the international adults of Munich. Groups
meet in Schwabing and in the museums to study works as directly as possible.
No previous experience necessary, just the desire stretch your cultural
understanding. Fun and good times will follow.
Classes meet one morning of the week Monday to Thursday between 10:30
and 12:30. There four different sections and you follow along with your class
day. If you can’t make a class you are free to come to another during the week.
There are currently sections from the Medieval world to Modern art.
There is a Night Class Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 pm for those coming
after work—- art with wine!
Cost—225 euros for ten classes with me, paid from time to time during the year
as the course progresses —plus museum entrance fees and the cost of the
textbook. It is not mandatory to read for the course but of course you will get a
deeper understanding if you do.
Address: Hohenzollernstr. 35 in Schwabing — 4th floor (no lift)
The course calendar includes optional trips away to cites around Europe and
the world. It is great way to share good times and with smart people.
For more info and questions, to choose your course and to register: Tel. 0151 23447611


Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad

Washington, DC -September 5, 2019

American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA) launches Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For!
Campaign to support residency-based taxation legislation.

ACA, a section 501(c)(4) tax-exempt, non-profit, nonpartisan, volunteer organization, and the premier thought-leader on issues affecting US Citizens living and working abroad with over 40 years of experience, announced the launch of the Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For! campaign. The campaign asks supporters to use ACA’s online appeal to tell Congress that it must hold hearings on the wide range of tax compliance issues for Americans overseas. ACA compares its modern day struggle for tax fairness with that of the founding fathers, who simply wanted what was fair and equitable for taxation of its citizens.

The write-in campaign uses an online appeal that guarantees delivery of messages into Congressional offices and the offices of the House Ways & Means Committee, the committee responsible for holding hearings on tax legislation. Individuals can even add their own messaging and comments.

ACA has long advocated for the adoption of residency-based taxation (RBT) and in 2016 developed a basic approach for RBT. In 2017, ACA’s sister organization, ACA Global Foundation (ACAGF), a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, funded revenue estimates for ACA’s approach to RBT. ACA’s work on the subject was instrumental in helping offices working on tax reform, notably Congressman George Holding (R-NC), who in December of 2018, introduced the “Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act (HR7358)-TFAA.

ACA sees holding hearings on the wide range and ever growing issues of tax compliancy facing US citizens overseas, as a critical next step in enactment of RBT.

“The Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad: An Idea Worth Fighting For! campaign reflects what the founding fathers of America fought for, and won, the battle for tax fairness. Americans overseas want the same.” said Jonathan Lachowitz, ACA Chairman.

“All of us here at ACA are very excited about the campaign. The online petition guarantees that supporters’ messages get seen by their representatives’ offices and it will be instrumental in supporting the push for hearings. The petition platform will be used for future campaigns as well. The community needs ACA’s help in DC but ACA also needs the community – together we can win the fight for tax fairness just like the founding fathers,” added Marylouise Serrato, ACA Executive Director.

Haar English Book Sale

Haar English Book Sale - October 11 and 12

Dear Friends of the English Book Sale
Yes, it’s Book Sale time again, so you’ll soon have a chance to stock up on English reading matter to while away those long dark winter evenings; we’ll be holding our 2019 English Book Sale on Friday 11th October from 3pm to 7pm and Saturday 12th October from 11am to 3pm.
As always, the Sale will give you an excellent opportunity to buy good quality English books and DVDs inexpensively - and at the same time support our partner communities in Tanzania.
This year's Book Sale will again be held in Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium, Jagdfeldring 82 in 85540 Haar. Both the Book Sale and this high school have partnerships with Ilembula in Tanzania and the school has again kindly offered us the use of its premises for the Sale. The entire event takes place on the ground floor with good access for strollers, wheelchairs etc. There is also good parking, and the school is just a 10-minute walk from Haar S-Bahn station (S4 and S6) - the route will be signposted from the station. For a map showing the school's location, which is close to the Haar tower building on the B304, please see

There will be thousands of books and DVDs on sale, priced between 50 cents and 5 euros, and you will also have an opportunity to sit down and relax over a cup of coffee or tea and home-made cakes. There will also be a play area for children so that you can browse at leisure.
If you have any books and/or DVDs you would like to donate to the Book Sale, we would ask you to bring them to the main entrance of the Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium between Saturday 21st September and Saturday 5th October.
Please make sure that the books are in English and in desirable sellable condition; please also make a point of keeping to these dates so that we have time to sort and price the books before 11th October.
During school hours please place your donations on the trolley marked Book Sale just inside the main entrance to the School.
Out of school hours please place the books as carefully as possible in the large plastic container (grit box) just to the right of the main entrance doors to the school. The container will be marked Book Sale and will be emptied regularly.
If you have a particularly large donation to bring, please phone Gerlinde or Kirsten (telephone numbers below) to arrange a drop-off time.
The entire proceeds of the Book Sale will be used to promote humanitarian projects in Ilembula (Tanzania) within the scope of the partnership between Haar and Ilembula which was initiated over 30 years ago. The scale of the Book Sale has expanded so rapidly in recent years that we have for organisational reasons taken the step of forming a separate registered charity: Ha-Ile e.V.. If you would like to learn more about the activities connected with this initiative and about other items you can donate for the container which we send twice yearly to Tanzania, you will find further details under We are also on Facebook under Munich English Book Sale.
Please pass on details about the Book Sale to any of your acquaintances who you think might be interested: you will find a flyer as an attachment.
For any further information please contact us on; alternatively you can call Gerlinde on (089) 46 31 98 or Kirsten on (089) 46 20 32 64.
Your Haar Book Sale Team