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Summer Break

Program Meeting - July & August 2019

Although we do not have a program meeting in July and August, we will be meeting informally both months at Michaeligarten Biergarten, weather permitting. A reminder will be sent the week before. There will be no Evite. Just come along and join us and bring something to eat!

Biergarten Time  - mark your calendars!
-Third Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 pm
- Sunday, August 25th - see email for time

Michaeligarten Biergarten
U5 Michaelibad - a short walk from the U-bahn
We will be sitting at the back to the left near the water.

For more information about joining AAUPW or attending a future meeting, please contact our club president at: info@aaupw.de


Upcoming Events in Summer 2019

AAUPW 4th of July Celebration

It is once again time for our Annual 4th of July Celebration!

When: Sunday, July 7 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
here:Kinder und Jugendhaus Kubu, Am Glockenbach 14 Munich, 80469

This is a pot luck event so please remember to bring the following:

  • Your own meat to grill (if desired
  • Something to share: A salad, savory item, or a dessert. Please let us know what you will bring in your response to the Evite
  • We ask everyone to bring their own dishes, glasses, and silverware. It really makes clean up easier and is better for the environment!

AAUPW will provide a variety of beverages. Please RSVP by July 1st so we have a headcount to guide our purchase.

Let us know in your RSVP if you can help with set up or clean up.

This event is open to all AAUPW members and their families, partners, and/or significant others.

Many thanks to Ellen Sullivan for finding a venue  (check it out here: https://www.caritas-nah-am-naechsten.de/kinder-und-jugendhaus-kubu) centrally located in town, in walking distance from Sendlinger Tor  and Goetheplatz U-Bahn stations and various bus stops. It has both indoor and outdoor areas, so if it rains, we are covered. Questions can be directed to Ellen. See Evite for phone number.

10th Annual Litttle American Oktoberfest - MING Event

Sunday, 7th July, 2019 (12:00-21:00)
Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe, Georg-Kalb-Str. 3, 82049 München-Pullach

Dear Friends of MING (Munich International Networking Groups):

Proudly I announce that not only will the United States Consul General, Meghan Gregonis be joining us for the Little American Oktoberfest on 7 July, but also the United States Ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell.  This is truly a great honor for us, and marks the first time that the United States Ambassador in Berlin joins us for this celebration.  Let us give the Ambassador a very warm welcome and show him that we strongly support the longstanding and excellent German – American relationship. Germans are Americans best friends.

For our guests I have reserved tables in front of the band under the white umbrellas.  Everyone is invited, not only clubs but individual guests as well. Please let me know per return-email that you plan to attend if you have not already done so, that I can arrange for enough seating for all guests. For more information about the celebration please review the attached Word file and take a look at the Waldwirtschaft website www.waldwirtschaft.de

FILMFEST Munich - Save the Date!

Thursday, 27th June until Saturday 6th of July – 37th FILMFEST MÜNCHEN – Over 200 new films playing at selected Munich theaters.  This year’s films are now posted. For further information, please consult the website: www.filmfest-meunchen.de.

Transatlantic Relationships: The Bond that Went Freelance

Thursday, 4th July (1900-2100) – Bavarian-American Academy event, New York Times Senior Journalist Roger Cohen will discuss “Transatlantic Relationships: The Bond that Went Freelance, Munich Documentation Centre, Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1, 80333 MunichThis is the keynote address for the BAA's 19th International Conference.  Flyer about Conference: Conference_New_Perspectives_2019

Bavarian-American Academy International Conference – New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations

Friday, 5th July (0900-1800) and Saturday, 6th July (0900-1300) – 19th Bavarian-American Academy International Conference – “New Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations,” Amerika Haus (temporary address), Barerstr. 19A, 80333 Munich.  Additional info on the Amerika Haus website.


Strolling thru Altsüdlicher Friedhof

June Walking Tour

Once again, we had a lovely and informative June Walking tour organized by our dear Ellen Sullivan!
This year it was the Altsüdlicher Friedhof in Glockenbachviertel, a lovely old cemetery 450 years old, no longer in actual use as a cemetery, but with the character of a park.  It was established in 1563, as a place for victims of the plague, outside the city walls.
Dr. Harald Stadler, art historian and editor, accompanied us, telling us stories about the many famous people buried there, from architect Leo von Klenze, to Joseph Fraunhofer, Carl Spitzweg and many others including many of Munich’s street names!

After we enjoyed dinner at Augustiner Gaststätte Rumpler, a favorite family restaurant right in the area".

Here a few snapshots of the evening:


Summer Brunch with IMMA

Say 'Lecker'!

On Sunday, June 2nd Tara, Jane, Claudia, Wendy and returning member Sarah Schilling joined forces to cook up a lovely pancake brunch for 8 girls and 2 staff members from the IMMA safe house.  After everyone ate their fill - including Nutella with pretzel - we cleaned up to make space for games.
Jane brought her very easy and extremely popular Tenzi and we also played Bingo (one girl even knew the song!), Qwirkle, Bellz and Mikado, aka Pick-Up-Sticks. There was a lot of laughter and we really had a good time!
If you are interested in joining us during our next (Halloween-themed?) brunch, scheduled for Sunday, October 13th, please contact Jane - who is the new IMMA coordinator. We can always use the help, new ideas, food items and companionship!


Sewing at IMMA in May

New Pillows for the living room!

On May 23rd AAUPW Member Claudia Ziersch headed to the IMMA safe house with her sewing machine and a mission.  This month the girls had asked if they could sew new cushion covers for the sofa at the shelter.  The cushions measure 50 x 50 cm, but sewing a cushion cover is pretty much the  same no matter the size.  The results were fabulous and the girls were very pleased to have a new look in their living room!


Sichere Wiesn Action – Save the Date

Sichere Wiesen - a safer Octoberfest for girls and women!

Sichere Wiesen offers a safe haven at Octoberfest for girls and women who need help from around the world. Please help us to support it!  

DATE: Friday, September 20th near Hauptbahnhof
TIME: 18:00
MEETING POINT: Hauptbahnhof

Dear AAUPW Members,
Once again, we will be helping the Sichere Wiesn action committee to distribute flyers to hotels around Hauptbahnhof and the inner city just before the start of Oktoberfest. (Sichere Wiesn is a security check point on the Oktoberfest and the flyers inform festival guests about where to find the check point.)
Here are the pertinent details. I will send an Evite out at the beginning of September to firm up attendance and give more detailed info.
Thanks everyone. Have a great summer break!
Kate Rodriguez, Sichere Wiesn Coordinator

Summer Brunch with IMMA

Join us for a morning of food and fun with the Girls!

Alt Text: Easter Brunch

IMMA Summer Brunch
IMMA Summer Bruch and a time for change. . .Our brunch with our IMMA girls will be on Sunday, June 2, 2019  at the IMMA Cafe and it will be my last as Coordinator, as I am stepping down.  It is hard to believe it has been five years! I will be replaced by Jane, who is stepping up to take over my duties as the IMMA Coordinator.  However, I will continue to stay involved and help with the weekly Lernzeit. We are also looking for more members who want to actively participate with the girls.

We will prepare Brunch from 11:00 - 12:00.  The girls will come at 12:00 and then we will eat and do activities after until  2:00 pm. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Tara.


Walking Tour of Altsüdlicher Friedhof in Glockenbachviertel

Program Meeting - June 2019

Please Note: The walking tour replaces the June meeting. See Evite for more details.
Tour will be THURSDAY,  JUNE 6TH (not the third Wednesday)

Our AAUPW walking tour for this year is planned for the Altsüdlicher Friedhof in Glockenbachviertel in the middle of Munich. It is a lovely old cemetery, 450 years old, no longer in actual use as a cemetery, but with the character of a park.  It was established in 1563, as a place for victims of the plague, outside the city walls.  A park full of the history of Munich, it has been described as “Munich’s Memory”.

Dr. Harald Stadler, art historian and editor, will accompany us and tell us about the many famous people buried there, from architect Leo von Klenze, to Joseph Fraunhofer, Carl Spitzweg and many others.  You will be surprised at how many of Munich’s street names you find there!

Please meet at 6pm on Thursday, June 6th at the main entrance on Stephansstr., next to the Stephanskirche. Afterwards, we will go to dinner in a restaurant in the area. If you plan to go to dinner, please indicate that in the comments on your Evite so we can get a head count for a reservation.

You can read more about the cemetery and its inhabitants (in German but Google Translate works) here:  https://www.muenchen.de/sehenswuerdigkeiten/orte/120250.html

Please note, the tour is not on 3rd Wednesday. The person leading us is not available on Wednesdays, and we were working around the many holidays in June.


The Surprise Visit

We got a Secret Invitation to IMMA

On May 10th,  Claudia and Tara finally got an answer regarding the curious registered letter sent to Claudia the previous week.

As AAUPW representatives, we were only asked if we would have time for a meeting with "a high-ranking mystery guest" from 10:15 - 11:30 at IMMA'S HQ in the Jahnstraße.  With theories in hand and fingers crossed it would be Oprah, we waited with approximately 30-40 other Munich sponsors and representatives. Right on time, HRH, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla arrived!

While she was meeting with the girls privately upstairs, Claudia and Tara chatted with the delegation of the British Consulate (Munich) and Embassy(Berlin). 

After a while, Camilla came down said a few words about how she is already supporting a women's shelter in London and that she would like to speak with those who are working with IMMA.  She turned in our direction and came directly towards Tara.  I shook her hand and did my best curtsy (I did watch a YouTube video, just in case it wasn't Oprah) and the first thing I said was "Sorry, I'm an American".  After about 15 seconds our surreal awkwardness, we spoke with HRH for about 3-4 minutes explaining AAUPW's support and our direct involvement at the safe house. Once she made the round with the others in the room and spoke to the girls again at the end, she promptly left for her next appointment.

A really unique way and quite a high point to hand over IMMA Coordinator role to Jane.  Maybe the next time the HRH comes to Munich, it'll be the younger generations and Jane will get to meet Kate or Meghan.

Here a link to the article about the visit:


New AAUPW Board

Election results for Fall 2019

We held our annual AAUPW Board elections during our May program meeting.
The Board for the next calendar year:

President - Wendy Nemetschek
Vice-President and Program Committee  - Lynda Sagrestano
IMMA Coordinator - Jane Scheiring
Website /Newsletter  - Claudia Ziersch
Sichere Wiesn - Kate Rodriquez
Treasurer - Robin Coker
Membership - Susan Voight
Book Group - Carolyn Berger
Program Committee - Christie Sando, Donna Schlimm, Jane Straßgütl, and  Ellen Sullivan.
Dee Pattee- Historian

Please take some time to think stepping up and offering your time and talent for the good of the Club by joining the board next year! New people mean new ideas, larger resources, and greater energy!

Board members start their term in August and stay in office until the end of July of the following year. The board meets every 3 months to discuss various items and the future of the club. Board members should be prepared to give approximately 2 -hours of their time per month to the club.

Many Thanks,
Your President Jane