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AAUPW is a private organization based in Munich, Germany for American and other English-speaking women graduates of an American accredited college or university.

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In addition to our monthly program meeting, which features a guest speaker and a lively discussion, we offer a variety of other monthly events and activities.

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If you'd like to know more about AAUPW, why not come along to one of our monthly gatherings to see if our group and its activities reflect your personal interests?

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April Program Meeting 2024

Mom Hugs Here: Perspectives on trans and gender-queer experiences

Our members Lynda Sagrestano and Kristy Koth will be sharing their perspectives and experiences with the trans, nonbinary, and otherwise gender queer community. Kristy is the mom of a trans man who came out after leaving for university. She will talk about her journey accompanying him along his transition and the difficulties she’s faced, even as a liberal, accepting parent.
Lynda is currently part of team applying for EU Horizon funds to reduce barriers and increase access to culturally appropriate health services for LGBTIQ people in the EU. She will add some insights from research on promoting health equity and the mental health of LGBTIQ folks.

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March Program Meeting 2024

Prepare for Life’s Changes

It is said that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, and may we add, change.

Being proactive in the preparation for life’s changes can do a great deal to ease the stress of facing these changes.

Valerie Errante and Elizabeth d’Elsa, will present a talk concerning death and what you can do in advance to prepare yourself, your family and those closest to you. Due to our own experiences, we became aware of these issues and how big and complex they are in so many ways. Everyone, from birth through old age, accumulates documents and records of their lives: what they do and what is provided to them as citizens and through their own circumstances - citizenship/residency, education, work, marital status and family, income, money, taxes, health care, retirement, benefits, insurance, banking and rental/ownership. This adds up to a large amount of information. In addition, as Americans living here, we have to deal with the laws, regulations and requirements of two countries.

What can you do in advance? How do you prepare? How do you find out? We’ve collected, researched and organized information we thought was important. Through it, we hope to offer you orientation and a way of looking into and dealing with these matters.


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Interesting conversations, professional advice, and good friends — AAUPW has been my lifesaver!

Dr. Kristy Koth, Teacher and Publisher

AAUPW has provided outstanding personal and professional networking opportunities.

Eleanor Reagh, User Experience Designer