AAUPW Presidential Debate on September 17

As the U.S. Presidential election campaign enters its final phase, the Association of American University and Professional Women (AAUPW) and the Amerikahaus are proud to sponsor on

17 September 2020

the debate:

Trump vs. Biden: The Issues in Debate

Will U.S. voters decide to “Keep America Great” and re-elect Donald Trump to the Presidency? Or will America choose former Vice President Joe Biden to “Build Back Better Than Ever” as the country’s next President?

Debating the positions of the candidates on pressing issues – such as the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. economy, race relations, taxation, the environment, policing, and immigration – will be Candice Kerestan, Chair of Democrats Abroad Germany, and Dr. George Weinberg, Executive Director of Republicans Overseas Germany. Moderating the debate will be Prof. Dr. Michael Hochgeschwender, Professor for North American Cultural History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich.

The debate will be held in English and live-streamed via YouTube, starting at 19:00. To watch, click the livestream link found under the following Amerikahaus event: Trump vs. Biden: The Issues in Debate.

Questions will be taken online from the viewers during the debate via the YouTube chat box. If you prefer to send your questions prior to the event, you can write the Amerikahaus team an e-mail at event@amerikahaus.de – just include “Question for Debate” in the subject line.

Ms. Kerestan has been active in Democrats Abroad Germany since her arrival in Bonn in 2014 and has been Chair since February 2019. A native of Pennsylvania, Ms. Kerestan holds a BA in Politics and German from Juniata College (USA) and an MA in Politikwissenschaften from the University of Bonn. In addition to her role with Democrats Abroad, she is pursuing her PhD at the University of Bonn’s Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture” with a dissertation focused on overseas absentee voting policy. Democrats Abroad is the official representation of the U.S. Democratic Party for U.S. citizens overseas. The organization has members in more than 190 countries and 44 country committees, of which DA-Germany is currently its third largest. Ms. Kerestan lives in Munich.

Dr. Weinberg is a member of the Republicans Overseas Advisory Committee International and serves as Executive Director Republican Overseas Germany. He has been a member of RO since 2013 and a member of the Republican Party since 1982. A native of Germany, he became a U.S. citizen in 1980. He studied business administration at Boston University and earned both his Masters and his PhD in construction engineering from the RWTH University of Aachen. During his professional career, Dr. Weinberg has specialized in commercial, retail, and residential development, heading several partnerships involving personal equity participation and focusing on U.S.‒European cooperation. He is the president of the company Grundwert USA. Republican Overseas is an international organization with over 50 chapters worldwide. Although not an official part of the U.S. Republican party, RO works closely with its representatives and policymakers. Dr. Weinberg resides in Berlin and Miami, Florida.

Prof. Dr. Michael Hochgeschwender is Professor of North American Cultural History, Empirical Cultural Research and Cultural Anthropology at the Amerika Institute of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich. He has written on the antebellum and American Civil War eras as well as Westernization and the cultural history of the Cold War, religion and ethics in American history, and gender history. His latest book is on the American Revolution: Die Amerikanische Revolution: Geburt einer Nation, 1763 - 1815 (2016).

Both Democrats Abroad Germany and Republicans Overseas Germany are 100% volunteer organizations that work not only on informing U.S. citizens of policy issues at home but on representing the interests of Americans living overseas. Both organizations are also dedicated to helping US citizens participate in the American political process and vote from abroad.

Since 2000, AAUPW and the Amerikahaus have jointly sponsored such a debate of the issues in the early fall prior to the U.S. Presidential elections, which take place this year on Tuesday, 3 November.

AAUPW is a private organization based in Munich for American and other English-speaking women graduates of accredited colleges or universities in the United States. AAUPW works to further positive change in society by promoting education, empowerment, and equity for women and girls. Visit our website at www.aaupw.de

For further information, contact:
Dona Geyer
AAUPW Debate Coordinator
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