September Program Meeting

September 16th will be our regular program meeting, but we have decided to hold it via Zoom. Please join us at 7:30 p.m. The link will be posted soon in the members area. For non-members interested in joining the club, please contact us and we will send you the link individually.

As usual, the September program meeting will be our “get to know us” meeting where we all get to be the speakers. For this year, we’d like each member to share something about their University experience. Depending on the number on the Zoom call, we’ll each have about 1-2 minutes to speak. This is low-key so no prep work required but might be helpful to think about it before the meeting so that you can stay within our limited time per person.

Each person should start by introducing herself with her name, major(s) and university(ies) attended. Then share something about your time there. Here are some questions that you can consider answering - but it is free-form. We just want to learn more about you based on your college times.

· Why did you pick that university?
· Why did you pick your major?
· How have you used/not used your college major in your career?
· What college experience had the biggest impact on your life?
· What do you regret the most about your college life? And why?
· What class outside your major was the most interesting? And why?
· What was the most important thing you learned outside the classroom?