Upcycling with Kat Heinrich

On Wednesday, February 19th we were pleased to welcome Katharina Heinrich to the AAUPW Program Meeting to talk to us about upcycling.  As an introduction Kat explained the difference between recycling and upcycling to us.  Then she discussed her personal passion for creating new and useful items from old and used objects - like the dress she was wearing that she had made from some old sheets.  She gave us several examples of projects that could be made with upcycling.
She also talked about larger initiatives that have resulted from the upcycling trend - a manmade island made from plastic bottles, alternatives to money with trading and banks that invest your money in environmentally friendly and truly transparent funds.
In conclusion Kat talked about the book she has written about upcycling, showed us some of the products she had brought along and gave us the opportunity to sign up for her English-language upcycling workshop which will be held on March 8th from 11-1. For more information about the workshop please click here.