October 2019

Everyone attending our Program Meeting on Wednesday, October 16th  was fascinated by our speaker Ann Marie Ackermann and her presentation of her book ‘Death of an Assassin’.  Ann Marie presented the murder, the criminal case, the forensic evidence and left us hanging! She was amazing – pacing back and forth, as if we were the jury.  The only thing left for us to do was to buy her book!  Enjoy!

Gloria Coates speaks to Valerie Errante

Wednesday, March 20th Only an opera singer could interview a composer of modern classical music so well. AAUPW members attending our program meeting were treated to a personal interview with Gloria Coates, conducted by Dr. Valerie Errante, who herself is a opera singer, music teacher and voice teacher.  The conversation provided deep insights into Gloria’s relationship with music and better understanding of her attitude towards her music. It also highlighted her achievements and placed them in the context of a woman working in a male-dominated field.  Thank you Gloria and Valerie, for this glimpse into your world!