Voting Information

AAUPW is a non-partisian group, but at the same time we understand that many of you have questions about voting in this year's elections.  The following information is provided by Democrats Abroad. However, we do not explicitly support one party or the other. We do hope that this information will help you to vote.

The best thing you can do for our democracy, especially right now, is to vote ( If you requested that your ballot be sent to you by email, you should have received your ballot by yesterday, Saturday, September 19. If you requested that it be sent to you by postal mail, expect to see it in your mailbox this week.

We've put together a list of recommendations for returning your ballot, and we're updating it regularly as new information becomes available. All details can be found at


  • If your state allows email or fax ballot return, please use these options as they’re not subject to delay. Here is more information on fax submission. Please note that some states that allow email or fax return require that the ballot be sent by postal mail, too.
  • If your state requires postal mail ballot return, we recommend using the Deutsche Post until October 5. We do NOT recommend sending your ballot as registered mail ("Einschreiben"), as this may actually prevent your ballot from being delivered (ex. if your county clerk isn't there to sign, your ballot can end up being sent back to you). If you want to have a tracking feature, ask for "Sendungsverfolgung ohne Einschreiben".

After October 5, we recommend using a private courier, like DHL Express (different from DHL), FedEx, or UPS, if financially feasible. All states that require postal mail return have confirmed that they will accept ballots sent with such couriers.

In either case, please take your ballot to the post office / private courier's store to ensure it receives the correct postage.

Don't forget to write USA at the bottom of the address field.

  • We do NOT recommend using the diplomatic pouch at U.S. embassies or consulates as return times are currently highly unpredictable.
  • Regardless of how you send in your ballot, remember that you (the voter) must be the one who places it in the mail. In some states, it is unlawful for any other person to handle your voted ballot, even if it is sealed.


We understand that the process of voting from abroad can be confusing — that's why we're here to help. We're available all day every Sunday through Election Day for one-on-one support. Here's the link to today's global help session (currently underway until 6:00am Berlin on September 21): online voter assistance.