Gender and Right-Wing Populism in Germany

Program Meeting - April 2018

Wednesday, April 18th at 6:30 PM

Our speakers this month are Dr. Paula-Irene Villa and Dr. Imke Schmincke, who will speak about Gender and Right Wing populism.   Dr. Paula-Irene Villais full professor and chair for Sociology and Gender Studies at LMU München. Her research focuses on the analysis of biopolitics, Cultural Studies, Care & Gender, and Science/Academia and Gender. She's published widely on gender/social theory, the sociology of embodiment, beautification and normalization, feminist body politics, and on German and European "anti-genderism" as part of new nationalist populism.

Dr. Imke Schmincke is Academic Councilor for Gender Studies at the Institute for Sociology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Her work focuses on feminist and critical social theory, research on the women's movement, body sociology, sociology of inequality, gender sociology, and urban and spatial research.

Drs. Villa and Schmincke will speak about why and how gender has become a “thing” in right-wing populism in Germany.

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