February Program Meeting

On February 17, 2021 we will be joined by a very special guest speaker all the way from Portland Oregon.

Sarah Lincoln Pattee, a Licensed Professional Counselor, works with couples, helping them with issues surrounding communication, conflict and sexuality. She will join us, via Zoom, to offer us valuable insights into managing the stresses the current pandemic puts on relationships. Sarah will talk about why Covid has been so challenging for couples and relationships and the techniques and support she has been offering to assist couples through this difficult time.

She also will reflect on how Covid is changing how people think about their lives and how this might create life changes even after the pandemic has passed. Whether Lockdown has created an overload of togetherness, or unwanted separation Sarah will share her ideas on building more effective relationships in these difficult times.

On a personal note, you may recognize the last name. Sarah is the daughter of our own beloved AAUPW historian, Dee Pattee.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, February 17th. Social hour will start at 7, with the business part of the meeting starting at 7:30. Our program will start shortly before 8.