May Program Meeting

Our May presenter will be AAUPW’s very own Carolyn Morrow. Carolyn is a coach and teacher for the dramatic arts, and has advanced degrees in Dramatic Writing, Acting and Directing and Expressive Arts. In her courses and coaching, Carolyn pulls from these lively and humanistic fields in order to awaken a sense of wonder, connection and play. At the core of all her work is a fundamental belief in our natural and creative capacity to shape our own lives.

 For our May program, Carolyn will lead us in the kinds of spirited warm-ups and improvisational play that one might find in one of her acting workshops.

Come get real… silly, showy, quick, free-spirted, warm & fuzzy. Come to loosen your limbs, forget the news, shake off the day, pocket the phone, do some groovy moves, improvise, fantasize, and lift our happy voices.

Our little Mayfull playful winga-ding-ding might just be your thing.