Upcoming Events in April 2019

June Walking Tour - Save the Date!

June Walking Tour! June 6th

Please save the dates for our Annual June walking tour (June 6th,  Alter Suedfriedhof, followed by dinner nearby) Please folks know that it is not on 3rd Wednesday - sorry, but the person leading us is not available on Wednesdays, and then we were working around the many holidays in June.

Fourth of July - Save the Date!

Annual July 4th Celebration! The 4th of July party for AAUPW members and families will be held on July 7th, from 3-6pm. Details to follow. This year we have found a location centrally located in town, offering easy access for all. Here: https://www.caritas-nah-am-naechsten.de/kinder-und-jugendhaus-kubu

Bavarian-American Friendship Evening

MING/IBCM Event – 9th Annual Bavarian-American Friendship Evening

Sunday, 28th April (1700-2300) - Frühlingsfest, Hippodrom Tent.  Seating begins at 17:00 and will be cut off at 18:00. Our MING co-founder Linda Jo Rizzo will again "Rock Us to the Rafters!" The event is organized by MING Co-founder Dave Dowdy of TripleD Events. Let’s go bayrisch!  For details please see attachment: BavAmFriendshipEvening2019

“Unhappy Hour” on Gender Inequality and the Equal Rights Amendment

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 – 5:30pm

Kennedy’s Irish Pub, Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11, 80336 München

Join us for an after work drink as we discuss the unfortunate realities of gender inequality and what Democrats Abroad is doing to improve the current situation. In particular, we’ll be looking at what we can do to make the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) pass – and thus have gender equality finally be included in our Constitution.

What Businesses Can Do to Promote Gender Equality (in Germany)

Wednesday, April 24thth, 2019 – 18:30pm

American-German Business Club, Marriott Hotel, Mezzanine Floor, Berlinerstr. 93, 80805 Munich

American-German Business will feature speaker Prof Dr. Andreas Peichl who will address the topic:  What Businesses Can Do to Promote Gender Equality (in Germany). He is Director of the ifo Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys and Professor of Economics at the University of Munich (LMU).

Registration starts at 18:30, the meeting at 19:00. 

Gender equality (or the lack thereof) is a hotly debated topic today. What needs to be done to increase equal opportunities, close the gender wage gap and bring more women into management positions?

Given the subject, this may be of interest for you and some members of your respective groups.  They are welcome to join us as Guests that evening.
The Guest fee of Eur 35 includes the buffet dinner and one drink.  To register, they should go to the Events tab at www.agbc-munich.com