The Surprise Visit

We got a Secret Invitation to IMMA

On May 10th,  Claudia and Tara finally got an answer regarding the curious registered letter sent to Claudia the previous week.

As AAUPW representatives, we were only asked if we would have time for a meeting with "a high-ranking mystery guest" from 10:15 - 11:30 at IMMA'S HQ in the Jahnstraße.  With theories in hand and fingers crossed it would be Oprah, we waited with approximately 30-40 other Munich sponsors and representatives. Right on time, HRH, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla arrived!

While she was meeting with the girls privately upstairs, Claudia and Tara chatted with the delegation of the British Consulate (Munich) and Embassy(Berlin). 

After a while, Camilla came down said a few words about how she is already supporting a women's shelter in London and that she would like to speak with those who are working with IMMA.  She turned in our direction and came directly towards Tara.  I shook her hand and did my best curtsy (I did watch a YouTube video, just in case it wasn't Oprah) and the first thing I said was "Sorry, I'm an American".  After about 15 seconds our surreal awkwardness, we spoke with HRH for about 3-4 minutes explaining AAUPW's support and our direct involvement at the safe house. Once she made the round with the others in the room and spoke to the girls again at the end, she promptly left for her next appointment.

A really unique way and quite a high point to hand over IMMA Coordinator role to Jane.  Maybe the next time the HRH comes to Munich, it'll be the younger generations and Jane will get to meet Kate or Meghan.

Here a link to the article about the visit: