Sewing at IMMA in September

Bookbags in September for Back to School

Bookbags in SeptemberOn September 19th AAUPW Member Claudia Ziersch headed over to the IMMA girls' shelter to sew with the girls. Thanks to a donation of two! sewing machines from former member Valerie Errante, there is no longer a need to transport a sewing machine to the shelter and back.  We now have 4 sewing machines for the girls to use, which is a great blessing - more girls can sew at once and we are done more quickly and there are enough machines that if one of them is temporarily not working (broken needle, bird's nest of yarn, empty bobbin) it is not a problem.
In September I like to make bookbags with the girls because of school starting up. Of course you can also use the bags for groceries or almost anything. This year it was a popular item and we were quickly done. Afterwards the girls had time for another going away ceremony, as one of them was moving out the next day.