September Program Meeting

September 15th will be our regular program meeting. We will, unfortunately, still being holding it on Zoom.

As we did last year, we will open the Zoom call at 7PM and have free form social time until the meeting officially starts at 7:30PM. The meeting officially ends at 9PM but we will keep Zoom open for those that want to hang out for more social time.

As usual, the September program meeting will be our “get to know us” meeting where we all get to be the speakers.

Each member will give a brief (very brief) introduction of themselves for those that don’t know them. And then, we ask that each of you tell (or read) a couple of jokes. Let’s see how much laughter (and groans) we can generate in an hour.

REMEMBER – come to the meeting with a couple of jokes. It is optional but hope everyone can remember one or find something.