May Program Meeting

May Program Meeting on Wednesday, May19th

After our elections, we will plan to do couple of breakout sessions depending on how much time we have. During the breakouts, we will have a little craft project for each of you to do – create a postcard to send to one of your fellow AAUPW friends. Each person will be asked to decorate a postcard, starting from a blank piece of cardboard or embellish one you already have. During the meeting you will find out the SECRET name of the recipient along with her address so that you can mail it to them within a week. During the June meeting, we’ll let the recipients showoff what they received.

So please bring whatever craft supplies you might want for your postcard. These can be stickers, colored markers, paint, glitter, or whatever you want to use. And of course you need a postcard to decorate. With the embellishments, you may need to put in an envelope to send.