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Covid-19 Vaccinations in Munich
Vaccinations started on 27th December in Bavaria. Healthcare workers and the elderly have priority in the waiting line. However, it is important to register if you plan to get the vaccination sometime in the coming months. For further info and registration, go to:

Tuesday, 2nd February (1900-2015)
– Munich Dialogues on Democracy / Amerikahaus Zoom Event – “An Evening with Arun Chaudhary - American Political Operative and Filmmaker.”

Arun Chaudhary is a renowned political filmmaker with extensive White-House-related experience. Following a riveting US Election in 2020 and looking towards the German elections in 2021, Arun will review campaign techniques. Wwhat works and what doesn’t, what needs to happen in a healthy democracy, and what is dangerous? What makes a successful political campaign in today’s world?

Friday, 5 February 2021 (2000-2030)
Virtual Corona Lockdown Show - Back on Stage with Linda Jo Rizzo and Christian Deussen.
Let’s liven up a Friday evening with some great entertainment! This virtual Corona Lockdown Show features New Yorker/Münchnerin Linda Jo Rizzo and Rheinlander/Münchner Christian Deussen. Featured in this wide array of popular music is the release of Christian’s brand new single "Hello Neuanfang."

Wednesday, 24th February (1900-2030) -
ABBC Munich Virtual Monthly Meeting – The Biden Administration’s First 100 Days – Current Outlook

A panel discussion with Professor Michael Hochgeschwender (LMU) and Jonah Otto (University of Augsburg), moderated by Dr. Meike Zwingenberger, Director of Amerikahaus. This update will feature a discussion on the first 35 days of the Biden Administration and prospects for the next 65 days and beyond.