IMMA Wish List

Donate a Gift to IMMA this Christmas

IMMA  is our adopted charity that we support financially and by giving of our time.  If you would like to donate a Christmas gift to the IMMA Girls' Shelter, please bring it upwrapped to our Holiday Party on Friday, December 13th.
Here is a list of presents, that IMMA would like to receive, or you can always donate cash. This year they have prioritized their list.  For the bigger items, feel free to chip in with a friend or two from AAUPW, but please let us know if you are purchasing them.

Part 1

10 pairs of nice thick and fuzzy socks - we will give these directly to every girl who is in the shelter on Christmas along with the present we are giving them.
For the girls who come to the shelter with absolutely nothing we need:
Leggings, Sleep Shirts (solid color), socks and underwear - in a variety of sizes for our clothing supply closet
Two simple wallets - with a coin purse - for the girls to take money to and from the grocery store when they shop for supplies and where they can keep the receipts.
A radio with a CD player
Gift Certificates for our IMMI-Box (the girls can earn points for extra-good behavior, etc. and then redeem them)
These can be for Euro 5 or Euro 10 from dm, Müller or Primark

Part 2

1 Hair dryer
Films: Paddington, Part 2, Avengers (any part)
Books: Schrei des Löwens by Ortwin Ramadan, Götterfunke von Marah Woolf,  Tausend mal schon von Marah Woolf
Games: Skippo
Craft Supplies: Mandala-Books, Strips of Paper for Fröbelsterne, Beads and Supplies for bracelets

Many thanks to all the AAUPW members!