A Cultural Tour of Haidhausen

OBACHT! means watch out in German - this time you should watch out for culture  during  the  9th  bi-annual  weekend  of  open  studios  in Haidhausen.  With  40 artists participating there is a lot to see and do.
AAUPW  member  Claudia  Ziersch is offering a GNO on Friday, May 17th,  starting  at  6 p.m. at the Jugendkirche in the Preysinger Str. 85.  There  we  can take in the joint exhibit, where all participating artists  are  invited  to  display one piece. Then we will continue on by  foot,  visiting  several  different  venues,  concluding  at Hands Gallery,  where  we  can  learn about and even try Needle Punching, as demonstrated by former AAUPW member, Kelly Wright. If there is enough interest, we can also go out for dinner afterwards.
If  you  are  interested in OBACHT! but can't make it on Friday, it is also  taking place Saturday and Sunday from 2-9 p.m. Plus, Saturday is
the Hofflohmarkt in Haidhausen.  For  more  information  please  refer  to or