BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra performs Gloria Coates

Concert featuring works of member Gloria Coates

Women Composer Gloria Coates (who also happens to be a fellow AAUPW member) was recently featured in a concert in Scotland which aired on the BBC Radio Saturday, January 12th . The program called "Hear and Now," featured three symphonies written and composed by Gloria and performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under the direction of conductor Ilan Volkov.  It is rare to have the entire concert devoted to one person, especially rare is a woman composer, because of this, it was a very big honor for Gloria. Gloria will be our speaker (interviewed by Valerie Errante).at our March meeting,

Do not miss your chance to hear her! The concert featuring three of her symphonies will be airing for one more week on the internet...Go to: BBC Radio 3 Hear and Now!