America(ns) in Munich!

America(ns) in Munich!
A New Guided Tour by Stattreisen München

America(ns) in Munich - that's more than McDonald's, tourists in the Hofbräuhaus and the Apple Store! If you want to find out how much "America" there really is in Munich, the new guided tour by Stattreisen München is right for you! For more information, click here:

You can also book this tour for your American customers / your square dance group / your society / your organization in German or English at your preferred date.
Call us: 089-5444230 or book online.
For more than 30 years Stattreisen, a non-profit-organisation, has been offering tours through Munich for everyone who lives here. With passion, curiosity and enthusiasm, we ourselves keep discovering new aspects along the way. The guides Kristin Holighaus and Dr. Myriam Wagner-Heisig tried to teach lots of Americans about Germany: One by accompanying them through the details of modern Germany during Junior Year in Munich, the other by trying, for two semesters, to get them excited about the German language as assistant teacher at a College in Wisconsin (while she learned to love American English). So it seemed reasonable to go the other way around and find out what Americans have been teaching to Munich...

We appreciate your interest!
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