New AAUPW Board

Election results for Fall 2019

We held our annual AAUPW Board elections during our May program meeting.
The Board for the next calendar year:

President - Wendy Nemetschek
Vice-President and Program Committee  - Lynda Sagrestano
IMMA Coordinator - Jane Scheiring
Website /Newsletter  - Claudia Ziersch
Sichere Wiesn - Kate Rodriquez
Treasurer - Robin Coker
Membership - Susan Voight
Book Group - Carolyn Berger
Program Committee - Christie Sando, Donna Schlimm, Jane Straßgütl, and  Ellen Sullivan.
Dee Pattee- Historian

Please take some time to think stepping up and offering your time and talent for the good of the Club by joining the board next year! New people mean new ideas, larger resources, and greater energy!

Board members start their term in August and stay in office until the end of July of the following year. The board meets every 3 months to discuss various items and the future of the club. Board members should be prepared to give approximately 2 -hours of their time per month to the club.

Many Thanks,
Your President Jane