Open Board Positions

Looking for volunteers for Upcoming Elections

In May, we will be holding club elections for members of our board. This year, there will be a few positions up for election.
A brief description of the positions is listed below.
A more detailed description of positions and tasks can be seen in the Member section.
Upcoming available positions are:
  • The President
  • Program Committee - 2-3 members
  • IMMA Coordinator
  • Sichere Wiesn
Please think about stepping up and offering your time and talent for the good of the Club!

Many Thanks,
Your President Jane

AAUPW Board Position Descriptions

PRESIDENT: The president ensures that the club runs smoothly, she oversees quarterly board meetings, handles first-contact e-mails inquires via our website and  she makes announcements at the monthly meetings.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Members of the program committee submit their ideas for speakers, contact potential speakers, interview speakers before they appear at AAUPW and introduce the speakers at the meetings. The program committee also plans our Annual Holiday Party, 4th of July Party, Thanksgiving and our Get-to-Know-You events. (2-3 members)

SICHERE WIESEN COORDINATOR is the AAUPW liaison to the the Sichere Wiesn representatives. They attend 1-2 meetings per year to be involved in planning.Our primary contribution is to hand out flyers about the checkpoint to hotels in downtown Munich the week before Oktoberfest begins, which they coordinate. (very limited involvement)

IMMA  the IMMA Liaison coordinates all interaction with IMMA, through, a staff  member at IMMA's shelter for girls aged 12 to 20, and through IMMA's Public Relations Coordinator.