35 Years of IMMA

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On Friday, January 24th, IMMA celebrated its 35 year anniversary by having a delightfully entertaining party. There was amazing food, dancing and skits at the Wirthaus am Schlachthof. Jane Schiering, IMMA Coordinator, and Claudia Ziersch, long-time IMMA volunteer, were invited to the party.  During the skit in which the Roman and Greek Goddesses discussed all the different areas IMMA helps, we were gratefully thanked for all the years that AAUPW has supported and sponsored the IMMA Shelter (Zufluchtstelle).
It was really interesting to see all of the different ages of the women at the party. IMMA is truely a diverse group and their passion for helping women both young and old to get their lives back on track can only be praised and respected. One of the things that touched me most on this evening is how devoted the AAUPW has been over the years (since 2011?) to making sure that we also interact with and leave an impression on these girls.
We should be very proud of all the women in the club, especially Claudia who goes on a regular basis to do crafts with the girls and who has given years of her time to make sure that these young girls know what American women are all about!
Our next brunch will be on March 8th. As usual I'm sure it will be most interesting and I believe also a most memorable time for all that participate.