IMMA Visits Oktoberfest – Fall update

On Monday, Sept 25, AAUPW member and IMMA volunteer Claudia Ziersch joined 3 staffers and 6 girls from the shelter on a field trip to Oktoberfest. “We didn’t drink any beer, but we did have a good time! The girls were allowed to spend their budget however they wanted, so most of it went for rides. But we also took a break for sausages and French fries. Some of the girls had never been to Oktoberfest before and were amazed by what they saw. Most of them were braver than I and went on rides that went upside down. We had to keep a close eye on each other so that no one got lost. We split up and met again and waited for each other and just hung out. And to top it all off they had free tickets for the water ride, which was a great way to end the day – wet!”

Anyone who is interested in becoming more involved with IMMA on a regular basis should speak with Tara or Claudia.