Sewing with IMMA Update

On  Thursday  January  11th,  AAUPW  member  Claudia Ziersch once again headed  to the IMMA safe house to sew with the girls there.  This time there  were  8  girls  –  two  of  whom were new arrivals.  “I had planned  to make infinity scarves with the girls – a simple project to sew and wear or to give as a gift.  Some of the girls weren’t very motivated, but  eventually  everybody  had finished a scarf and most were pleased with  the  results.  Unfortunately I can’t take pictures of the girls, so I didn’t get a picture of the scarves either.  But here’s one of me wearing my infinity scarf!”
A special thank you to Claudia for continuing to keep us updated on her work with the girls at IMMA!